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We had a big move from our larger 2 story home of 19 yrs to a smaller home while we wait for better opportunities to happen. We had called several moving companies and Grace Moving was the only one to have one of its owners come out and give us an estimate. We had some very heavy and large furnishings on the second floor that required careful handling. We did our move at the end of July so it was hot.

I opted for a crew of 3 movers, Cole, James , and Darius. They showed up early and went right to work after I showed them the task at hand. I was pleasantly impressed at their organization and skill. It was one of those 100 degree days but it didn’t slow them down.

It wasn’t until the last moments of the delivery until an Italian bookcase that I have owned for over 30 years fell off the lift onto the sidewalk. One of the movers tried moving it himself while the other two were inside assembling our bedroom set.

After seeing the damage I thought it might be quite a challenge to repair and match the remaining original pieces. Shortly after this one of a set of eight mahogany dining chairs was damaged while in transit.

We bought lunch for the movers before the unloading,and at the end I gave each movers a tip for their overall effort. Their truck was filled completely so a couple of damaged items might happen. I’ve heard worse moving horror stories so this was an acceptable loss considering the circumstances.

They took the damaged items and promised they’d attempt to refurbish the bookshelf and dining chair. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical and figured there would be some monetary settlement as we purchased the $5,000. Damage insurance offered for around 80.

I was contacted by Patrick from Grace Moving and kept updated on the repairs. They eventually had Moyes do the repairs and when Patrick delivered them I was very pleased with the repairs and stain match.

I would recommend Grace Moving to others. A mishap happened, but they took care of business. We were glad to have hired Grace, and if not for the inconvenience of the damage I would definitely have rated them 5 great stars.

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