Office Moving Tips

Form an Office Moving Team

Assign a team leader to manage the move. The team leader should distribute tasks to each department such as technology, sales, human resources, warehouse, etc. Consider appointing a department lead and schedule regular meetings with your team of liaisons to review each department’s relocation status.

Create a Budget

As with any project, define your moving budget in advance and have funds available for professional movers, well as any additional expenses associated with your relocation. New desks, chairs, partitions, decor? Will you be hiring other professionals (in addition to movers) to assist with your move; i.e. technicians, painters,

Plan the Move

Start reviewing your options months prior to your lease expiration if possible. If you are renting company space, will your move date coincide with the lease end date? If you wish to leave the space earlier, discuss your options with the landlord. Will you require safe temporary storage for furniture, equipment, etc.?

Seize the Opportunity

Consider scanning any documents you no longer need in hard copy (remember to dispose of these unwanted files securely). Secure storage and/or archiving of documentation is a safe and cost-effective solution to freeing up valuable and more costly office space. It can be accessed at any time by arrangement and provides excellent off-site backup. Moving your office is also a great opportunity to update to modern, efficient and space-saving furniture and equipment that truly reflects your brand and your company’s goals for the future.

Consider Current Projects and Deadlines

How will you manage projects and deadlines during the relocation? For example, how will you arrange deliveries? How will active projects be handled? In an effort to avoid any delays because documentation and/or equipment is inaccessible during the move, plan a short break period and communicate this to all staff and clients.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Working with the right office moving professionals is an important must-do for any company thinking of office relocation. Grace is a professional moving company and we will guide you through the process, save you money and hassle in the long run, and ensure you don’t make any critical mistakes during your move that could affect your business.

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