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At Grace Moving Company, your business and your move is important to us. We know first hand the effort required to keep a business running optimally from day to day. That is why we take your long distance move very seriously, as we would our own business. Long distance moves are moves more than 100 miles one-way consecutively. Whether you are relocating across the state or across the country, we will have you up and running in no time.

Amidst the chaos that accompanies an office move, especially a long distance move, internal and external planning and support is crucial. That is why we partner with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines; to bring you the best in family-owned, personalized service with a nationwide and international network of moving specialists. As Interstate Agents for Stephens Worldwide Van Lines, we work closely with you as your local movers and keep you informed about:

  • Each step in the moving process
  • What role Grace Moving Company will play in the process
  • Where Stevens Worldwide Van Lines fits in to the process
  • What your role is throughout the process

Whether you are moving a one room office or an entire office building across the state or across the country, our professional team of expertly trained movers are dedicated to getting your business operating at its full potential in no time. We offer a full menu of support to make your move as smooth and efficient as possible:

Packing and Moving:

  • Professionally packing all office equipment, furniture, supplies, etc.
  • Boxes and moving supplies available for purchase
  • Storage vaults for temporary storage during relocation
  • Careful moving of pre-selected equipment and technology including fragile items such as computer towers, monitors, phones, shredders, etc.
  • Full support on the day of the move

Removal of Unwanted Items:

  • Shipping or dropping off items to electronic waste disposal centers
  • Disposing of trash
  • Storage Options
  • Consignment Options
  • Donation Options

Referrals for Professional Cleaning & Handyman Services:

  • Setting up your new office
  • Deep cleaning
  • Unpacking and putting away
  • Space planning & rearranging
  • Heavy lifting
  • Hanging pictures and artwork
  • Installation of simple electronics and stand-alone appliances
  • Removal of all boxes and packing materials

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