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We are Patrick and Sally Bolger, and we own and operate Grace Moving Company. We were set-up on a blind date nearly 25 years ago and have been married almost 20 years now! In the early years, Patrick worked at Bambacigno Steel and Sally was the marketing director at a large retirement community in Modesto.

As the marketing director, Sally managed the coordination of all moves for the residents moving in to the community. She found movers, in general, to be somewhat unreliable and insensitive to the special needs of seniors. On one occasion, a resident was scheduled to make a move into the facility and her movers did not show up. The elderly woman was extremely upset because the move needed to take place on that day. Patrick happened to be off of work that day and sprung into action by renting a truck to help the woman move and get settled in to her new apartment. At the end of the move, the resident and her family were in tears with gratitude and said it was the best moving experience they ever had. Sally realized that her husband’s strong back and sensitive demeanor might be a great asset to seniors throughout the valley who rely heavily on the integrity and dependability of a mover.

That was more than 18 years and thousands of moves ago. Though we’ve expanded to include not just senior moves but residential and commercial moves as well, we are still humbly serving people of all ages and walks of life as Graciously as we did on that very first move.

Family Owned & Operated

As a family owned and operated company, our personal ownership and involvement assures that each move is done with careful consideration and attention to your individual needs and valuables. Your valuables, your memories, and your life are very important to us. At Graceful Transitions, the thought of sending a complete stranger into your home or business makes us feel very uncomfortable. We believe you need the right person, a person whom you can trust, to come alongside and help you though this transition.

Our Trusted Team

Many moving companies will tell you that they exclusively use “trained professionals.” We only use people who we know and trust. Most of our team came to us through community referrals from trusted friends, family, and church members. Our staff is extensively trained to provide excellent and graceful transitions. You can be sure that our staff will be honest, careful, and professional. We are a family at Grace, and on moving day, our family is your dedicated team!

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