How We Are Different

Our Employees

Your valuables, your memories, and your life are very important to us. Many moving companies will tell you that they exclusively use “trained professionals”. At Graceful Transitions, the thought of sending a complete stranger into your home makes us feel very uncomfortable. We believe you need the right person, a person whom you can trust, to come alongside and help you though this transition.

We only use people who we know and trust. Most of our team came to us through community referrals from trusted friends, family, and church members. Our staff is extensively trained to provide excellent and graceful transitions. You can be sure that our staff will be honest, careful, and professional. We are a family at Grace, and on moving day, our family is your dedicated team!

Accurate Estimates

This is a critical issue. It’s natural to want to call around for estimates when you are searching for help with your move. Proceed with caution. Phone estimates can be tricky and misleading. Graceful Transitions will make every effort to do an on-site estimate with a written guaranteed price quote. Surprises are great for birthdays and wedding proposals; not when it comes to the cost of your move!

We Show Up!

This should not be something to brag about. Yet unfortunately, in the moving industry, it is. Believe it or not, many moving companies regularly “overbook” and then cancel the jobs they are unable to fulfill (In some cases they simply do not show up!). Our reputation and integrity as a company is very important to us. Graceful Transitions will only schedule a move that we are 100% certain we will be able to keep. That means that if you book with us – we will be there!

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